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In harmony with act CXII of the year 2011 on informational self-determination and freedom of information (hereinafter: Info Act), with act CVIII of the year 2001 on certain questions of electronic commerce and services relating to information society and with other related legal regulations, HAYA LABS LLC. has created the following data handling guidelines.

1. Basic Principles    

The Info Act provides that personal data may only be handled if the person concerned consents thereto or if this is ordered by the law or by a resolution of a municipality for a purpose of public interest. Personal data may only be handled for a specific reason, in order for a right to be exercised or an obligation to be fulfilled. Every stage of the data handling must conform to the purpose of such data handling, the data must be collected and handled in a fair and legal way. Only personal data that is fit and essential for achieving the aim of the data handling may be handled. Personal data may be handled to the extent and for the time necessary for achieving the aim. All data relating to the person concerned – including name, tax ID code and any and all information regarding the person's physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural or social identity – shall be considered as personal data, together with any and all conclusions that can be drawn from such data regarding the person concerned.

HAYA LABS LLC. shall collect (record), store and handle personal data with respect to the above once a business relationship is established, on the basis of the acceptance of these Guidelines by the partner (written authorisation). The consent of a legal guardian is not necessary for authorisation given by minors and other persons without full legal capacity, as the declaration is aimed at a registration common in everyday life, not requiring particular consideration.

The personal data handled must conform to the following criteria:

a) their collection and handling is fair and legal;
b) accurate and updated;
c) the method of their storage makes the identification of the person concerned impossible after the time necessary for the aim of the storage.

Personal data may only be forwarded and different data handlings may only be linked together if the person concerned gives their consent thereto or if this is allowed by the law and if the conditions of data handling are met for each and every piece of personal information.

Personal data (including special data as well) may only be forwarded to a data handler or data processer outside the country – irrespective of the data carrier or of the method of data transmission – if the person concerned has given their express consent thereto or if this is allowed by the law and the appropriate protection of personal data is secured in such third country during the handling or processing of the data provided. Any data transmission to any member state of the European Economic Area shall be considered as data transmission within the area of UK.

2. Data Handling

HAYA LABS LLC. shall collect (record) personal data and store and handle it in its systems and on paper with respect to the above once a business relationship is established – or in certain cases later – on the basis of the acceptance of these Guidelines by the partner.

The aim and legal basis of the data handling in each case is establishing a business relationship or an intention aiming that. HAYA LABS LLC. handles and stores the personal data of its partners on the basis of their consent for general risk management purposes. If no actual business relationship is established or if such relationship ends in any way, HAYA LABS LLC. cancels or disposes of the personal data 6 months after such failure to establish or ending. Only those personnel will become aware of the personal data stored on paper or in the systems of Haya Labs for whose work tasks the knowledge of such data is essential.

The partner may request information regarding the handling of their personal data and may request the correction or cancellation of such personal data. In addition, the partner may object to their personal data being handled. HAYA LABS LLC. investigates such objection within 8 working days.

3. The Data of the Data Handler:

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